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Stuffing Envelopes from Home: A Common Scam to Avoid

The story goes something like this: You seen an ad in the paper, telling you can earn between $500 to $3,000 a month from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need any special skills or training. You can set your own hours and work part time. The only limit to how much you earn is how much time you’re willing to put into this opportunity.

For a lot of people, this kind of work at home opportunity is a dream come true. Unfortunately, the whole thing is a complete and utter scam.

How Does This Scam Work?

Before you’re told exactly how the business opportunity works, you need to put in a request. Along with that request, you need to send a fee. The fee is supposedly to pay for your office supplies. The scam claims that for the fee, they’ll send you all the mailing equipment you need to make money stuffing envelopes.

This fee can be as low as $20 or as high as $160; though usually it’s around $40.

Once you’ve paid the fee however, what you get isn’t an actual job. You don’t get a check in the mail. Instead, you get a packet of information telling you to essentially scam other people into sending either the company or you money in exchange for teaching them how to make money stuffing envelopes.

In other words, the scam works by telling you to send people mail, asking them to send money to a company that claims to pay people for stuffing envelopes. The scam perpetuates itself as more and more people fall for it.

Is It Possible to Make Money Doing It?

Yes, it is. People do fall for this kind of scam. When they do, you’ll get paid your small fee.

However, the amount you can earn isn’t nearly as much as the promoters claim. You’ll be earning well below minimum wage. Often time’s you won’t even be able to recoup the costs of postage and mail.

To make matters worse, you’ll have to live with the fact that you’re knowingly scamming people out of their savings.

The bottom line is this: This whole thing is a scam. You can’t really expect to sit in your kitchen, stuffing envelopes part time and earn $3,000 a month. If it sounds too good to be true, trust your instincts. Stuffing envelopes from home scams are absolutely too good to be true and absolutely a scam.

There is Nothing Legit about Stuffing Envelopes

It’s really depressing how this scam never seems to fade away and die out. This scheme is more popular than ever and now they are more creative with their advertising.

If you decide to partake in a stuffing envelope opportunity, then you will be a member of their “software division” and that there are plenty of guarantees that they offer so you won’t lose your money.

This is just a reminder post that these are 100% scams no matter how good they sound. Hiring people to stuff envelopes and paying them a decent salary (around $3000-5000 per month) doesn’t make sense in this day of age where technology automates most of the tedious work.

The only way you might have a chance of getting any payment from these people who operate the stuffing envelope schemes is if you recruit your friends and family to join you into this scheme. You likely get commission for referring your friends, but however you will be faced with legal problems since you have just created a pyramid scheme. You get payment from the signup fee that your friends pay but now they have to recruit more people in order to recuperate their losses. It’s a never ending scheme where there is always going to be someone at the bottom.

You will not get any money for stuffing envelopes. Simply because the offer is ridiculous. It doesn’t make any business sense to pay $3000 to $5000 just to stuff envelopes. That’s at least $100 a day. Imagine a small company with a team of envelope stuffers that totals to around 10 people. Now, if we assume that each of these 10 people who stuff envelopes makes $3000 per month, that’s a $30,000 monthly fee just to stuff envelopes. Over the course of a year that would equate to $360,000. With that money, you can buy a machine that can automate the whole stuffing envelope process.

As you can see, the outrageous claims of the salaries for such a simple and easy job does not make any sense at all. Instead, these are meant to trap you to invest your own money so that they can steal it from you.

Unfortunately, people still fall for these stuffing envelope schemes. It’s simply a numbers game to them. The more people that they can get the word to, the more likely it is to have a new victim. This is essentially how the Nigerian Scams work. The Nigerians send about millions of emails a day and they hope that at least 1% of these emails would convert and this will help make their efforts worthwhile.

I hope that with this knowledge, you will be able to avoid these stuffing envelope schemes.

Stuffing Envelopes

Stuffing Envelopes
There are quite a number of reasons why a work from home stuffing envelopes job is not recommended. Below, we examine some of these reasons.
Stuffing envelopes can be done cheaply. A company cannot pay you $2 per envelope you stuff when it can cost them less than 50 cents for the same service at neighborhood print shops.

Why would they hire you?

Starter kit. Most of the time you are required to pay money for a starter kit. The thing is they do not say in words what you will get with it. All they say is that it contains what you need to start your home at work stuffing envelopes business. Doesn’t that sound fishy?

You pay before disclosure. They tell you that if you are serious, you have to pay some money first so that they know you really want the business. Any legal and rightful job discloses everything involved beforehand. This reason is good enough to show that it’s a scam

Another person needs to stuff envelopes for you to get paid. You are only paid after somebody else stuffs envelopes. This person has to be someone you recruited. You will not be paid for the envelopes you stuff, but for the envelopes your referees stuff. This means you also have to scam other people into stuffing envelopes. This is being fraudulent.

Envelopes and stamps cost something. When you join, you are usually promised free envelopes and stamps. This can make you believe that no costs will be involved. The truth is the free stuff is obtained when you place advertisements asking people to send stamped and self addressed envelope to you so that they can get free information. The fact that you had to put up an advertisement means that the business is not free at all. It is actually more expensive than buying the envelopes and stamps. You are not guaranteed that people will respond to your advertisement as many people now know that nothing is for free. These days people prefer the internet and that method is somewhat outdated, meaning you will have a low or no response rate.

Testimonials are not easily believed. Most of the time, companies advertise with testimonials from people who they say are making money from this work at home stuffing envelopes business. Testimonials are just words and just because they are there don’t make what is being advertised legitimate. At times, they can even be accompanied by pictures of the people. Do not believe it just because someone else says do it.

The email addresses are of the free emails and there is a toll free number. If the company uses email addresses of Yahoo or Gmail, they are usually fake. Why would they not use that when they have a company which can well afford a website? Why would they use a toll free number where you leave messages when they can have a land line at their offices?

This is all because their business is not legitimate.

Work at Home Stuffing Envelopes Scams

Scammers use envelope stuffing as a way of making easy money but they in fact lure people to send in their money. They make you excited about making a lot of easy money such that you are blinded and do as they say. The truth is for you to make money, you have to work for it and invest effort and time. The scams are usually put in newspapers or the internet and the amounts of money written get your attention.
An example of such an advertisement is “Earn 25 cents for every envelope you stuff if you stuff 1000 envelopes, you get $250. It is so easy such that you can do it in front of the television.”
These are scams and should be ignored or reported to authorities. If you respond to their adverts, you expect to get brochures which you put into envelopes and post them, but that is not what happens. They tell you to send some money to show that you are serious and then they send you a starter kit which contains an agreement form and some information. The information contained tells you to advertise your business in the newspapers but the worst thing about it is that you have to pay for the advertisement.
It there are any people in your area looking for work at home stuffing envelopes opportunities, they respond and you send their envelopes to the company and then you are given the 25c. But you pay for the postage you use.
Key features of illegitimate offers:
• No phone number or email address for you to use if you want to ask them something of if you want more details.
• They do not talk about the job in depth, just that you will get more information when you pay the required money.
• They do not use a physical address but use a mailbox number.
• You are offered a lot of money just by doing little work.
• All they talk about is the money, not the detail of the job or how you will be paid, just that you will make a lot of money.

The work at home stuffing envelopes is a circular cycle whereby for you to be paid by the company you work for, you need to be a recruiter so that others can send in money just like you did. In other words, you start working as the company’s promoter, not doing the real job you are supposed to do. The money you earn is more or less like commission. When the cycle ends, you will be the one looking like the scammer and people may get back at you. The company does not send the free envelopes they promised and you use money from your pocket to advertise something which is not yours and which has no guarantees. This job is not worth it and can actually make one go to jail. The best thing to do is avoid these scams and report anyone who is doing it.

Is Working from Home Stuffing Envelopes a Legitimate Job?

Work from home stuffing envelopes opportunities are widely advertised on the internet in various publications. A lot of people especially those looking for ways to make money for the first time whilst working at home find it very tempting and alluring. Why is it like that? The answer is because they make it sound very easy to make money. Let us take a look at how work at home stuffing envelopes really works.
Firstly, they advertise claiming that certain Uncle Sam makes $2,000 daily by doing easy and fun work in front of the television. They say that for every envelope you stuff, you earn at least $2. Most of these adverts need you to pay some money so as to be certain that you are serious. As a desperate person looking for a work at home job, you tell yourself that it is easy and you will make lots of money. You pay the required money and wait for the package to arrive. When it comes, you open it happily and that is when the truth hits you. You realize that you are not going to be paid the $2 they promised. All they say is spread the news about working at home stuffing envelopes and then you will be paid. What they want from you is for you to send out the advertisement which excited you. But they did not say that to you when you first read their advert. You realize that the programs are in fact impossible to make a living out of and that the company may not pay you at all. Does that sound familiar?

To cut a long story short, work from home stuffing envelopes legitimate jobs do not really exist. It is possible that there might be one legitimate work from home stuffing envelopes job, but i am yet to see one which is respectable. The work from home stuffing enevelopes opportunities are very alluring and if you find yourself in such a situation and don’t know what to do, ask yourself these questions.
• Who will be responsible for paying me?
• When will I get paid?
• Will I be paid on commission or on a salary basis?
• Which duties will I be responsible for doing?
• How much will it cost me to buy the equipment and supplies as well as the joining fee?
• Is it really worth it and will I get a living out of it?
If you answer these questions honestly, you will get the answer you want. It is a good idea to check if anyone filed a complaint against the company but at the same time not having complaints doesn’t make them legitimate. If you have joined a company and realized that they are not legitimate, ask for a refund and if that doesn’t help, file a dispute. The problem with most of these so called companies is that they usually move or change names to avoid being detected. The best thing to do is to just stay away from these work at home stuffing envelopes jobs.


Hello, Susan here,

It’s been such a long time since I first heard of the work from home stuffing envelopes business opportunity. Since then, I’m still surprised at how popular this how scheme is. I thought that with the internet becoming more accessible,  more and more people would learn about what a big scam these work from home stuffing envelopes business opportunities are. It turns out that the opposite is in fact occurring. More and more people are drawn to this and falling victim each month. It is pretty ridiculous and I find it to be disheartening. The economy is tough and the standard of living and inflation is increasing. It takes a lot of hard work to maintain a steady income and making money online is one great way to supplement your daily income. It helps take some stress off your day so that you can relax once in a while. But since people are stumbling across this scam first, they become skeptical and lose interest in making money online where there are plenty of viable methods that can help earn a good supplemental income online. I hope that by creating this blog, I can help you get started on the right feet and help you steer you away from these scams and help you earn some money online. After all, I was once in your shoes and fell for some scams. But eventually, I dug myself out of those scams and I hope that my experiences can help you avoid these scams

Hope you find some use of this blog!